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Every two years, in the odd year, Hotel 2/7 Vietnam Veterans gather for a reunion. In the past we have rotated the reunion around the country in an attempt to equalize the travel for all concerned. Beginning in 1995 we have met in Buffalo, New York; Las Vegas, Nevada (1997); Wilmington, North Carolina (1999); Des Moines, Iowa (2001) and again in Las Vegas (2003), Alexandria, VA (2005), St. Louis, Missouri (2007) and Phoenix, Arizona in 2009.. Thus far each reunion has been in the month of June.

Our 2013 reunion will be held in Houston Texas.
Registration details HERE

ALL US Marines and Navy Corpsman of H/2/7 Vietnam are encouraged to attend
If you attended the 2001, 2003 or 2005 reunion you will know what this is!  
Better bring it!

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